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Art Therapy and Jewelry

Unlike the provisionality of traditional drawing therapy sessions, transforming the symbols from people’s unconscious into daily wear can be more concrete and lasting. Combining fashion artefacts with drawing therapy, symbols can be looked at and referred to, literally and in memory for a long time, activate the healing function by living it.

WHO estimated 350 million people in the world suffer from depression, fewer than half of those go to treatments, social stigma on mental disorders deprives people of proper understanding and emotional support which may lead to worse condition even suicide, nearly nothing take place in people’s emotional growth and psychological holism. According to the theory of transpersonal psychology, psychological holism means a more holistic approach will involve recognition , owning, and in some sense acceptance of the shadow . This implies the possibility of a higher-order integration of “positive” and “negative” in which the shadow is seen not as our enemy, but as fundamental to our nature.

Transitional phenomena (Winnicott) demonstrates that we experience life in an area that is intermediate between the inner reality of the individual and the shared reality of the world. According to psychotherapist Carl Jung, symbols from the unconscious act in a complementary relationship to the conscious status of the psyche. Healing activation of symbol has 4 stages: opening to the unconscious; giving it form; reaction by the ego; living it. Recent research on enclothed cognition demonstrate a powerful link between a person’s attire and the way they behave, dress can affect the wearer’s mood or affective state and serve to regulate emotions. The project holding by Yuan Liu as a final project of MA in Central Saint Martins aims at letting people get aware of their darker, shadow aspects of themselves through image making, transforming the symbolic patterns to the accessories and accepting and living it through them, to popularizing the art therapy through a easy and comfortable platform, helping people face up to the problems through their own therapeutic wearing. The exhibition collaborating with art therapist and jewelry designers showing the outcome of the former experimental procedure and will be a new beginning of further development of the project.

Curator: Yuan Liu

Project Collaborator: Deba Salim(British Association of Art Therapists)

Exhibition collaborators (Jewelry designers):Birgit Toke Tauka Frietman; Matilde Mozzanega; Tian Tang; Yizhi Hu


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Huma Opening Night

Slovak Art Days in London

Slovak Art



Dni slovenského umenia v Londýne/ Slovak art days in London

SADiL 2015


Slovak art days is an annual exhibition which brings the artwork of young Slovak artists into the galleries of European cities. In 2015, London, which is often referred to as the capital of European and probably also the world culture, has been chosen to host the exhibition. It is not easy to attract the attention of audience in such a stimulating environment and it is necessary to mention that the aim of this project is not to present an impressive overview of Slovak art culture. The main aim is to show the foreign audience interesting poses of contemporary Slovak fine art as well as to create the conditions for creating and developing the cooperation among artists and professionals working in the field of art and culture; the conditions which could also lead to more intensive cooperation in the future.


ART exibition takes place in two galleries in London. Traditional media such as painting, sculpture and photography is at display in The Gallery on the Corner on Battersea Park Road. Opening reception starts on Wednesday 7th October at 6pm. Last day of the exibition (14th october) at 4pm host dance performance of Róbert Suchý.


When selecting the artists, the aim was not to create the representative profile of Slovak fine art scene, nor does the selection takes into account the extent to which the individual artists managed to settle in the world of art at home or abroad. The names of well-known young generation artists are complemented with the less popular personalities with potentially strong art programme. Therefore, it is not surprising that the selection comprises of young graduates andthe artists who managed to gain the attention of the judges in the most prestige Slovak art competitions (Painting of the Year, Oskar Čepánʼs Prize) by becoming ether finalists or winners


When it comes to format and the quantity of exhibited works, the dominating genre of the exhibition in The Gallery on the Corner is painting. In total, the exhibition includes the artworks of seven painters representing almost the whole range of formal and stylistic categories; from geometric abstraction to figuration, expressive painting characterized by relaxed gesture, minimalism, and symbolic landscape and conceptually oriented experimental painting.


Experimental, performative and multimedial slovak art is at display in Fat Relic gallery. Art exibition begins with performative duel of 2 slovak graphic artist starting on Friday 9th october at 7pm.


Art exibithion Slovak art days in London shows selected works of 19 young emerging slovak artists: Slavomír Durkaj, Ján Hrčka, Peter Králik, Martin Kiman, Peter Valiska-Timečko, Ján Vasilko, Vladimíra Weiss, Hana Hutníková, Dagmar Mavrevová, Ján Zelinka, Katarína Hudačinová, Michaela Knížová, Táňa Takáčová, Stanislav Piatrik, Juraj Sasák, Róbert Suchý, Beáta Kolbašovská, Jakub Pišek, Juraj Sasák, Jana Bercelová.


Catalogue presenting works of the artist is available in galleries during the art exibition or on demand.

With financial support of Minstry of culture of the Slovak Republic.


The Gallery on the Corner

155 Battersea Park Road/ London/ SW8 4BU/ United Kingdom


7/10 – 14/10/2015

Opening hours: 10.30 pm – 6pm

Opening reception: Wednesday 7th october – 6pm GMT


Fat Relic

2 Ladywell Road/ London/ United Kingdom


9/10 – 16/10/2015

Opening reception: Friday 9th october – 7pm GMT


For more info please visit:


Or call:

+421 907387114



Tales from Latin America

UPCOMING EXHIBITION IN LONDON: ‘Tales from Latin America’ – 29 October to 7 November 2015 – The Gallery on the Corner, 155 Battersea Park Road, London, SW8 4BU

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