Terms and Conditions

January 2012

Please read, print and sign this, and return it to the Gallery staff, to agree that you have understood the information, instructions, terms, conditions and responsibilities contained within this document. This forms an agreement between the hirer and the gallery.

The ‘gallery’ refers to the Gallery on the Corner Ltd.

The ‘hirer’ refers to any individual, individuals or group who wishes to hire or hires the gallery.

Prospective Hirers should visit the Gallery and meet the Gallery management to establish whether the Gallery meets their requirements. If a personal visit is not possible, please send proposals to The Gallery on the Corner Ltd, 273 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7BD or email with relevant images and text to: thegalleryonthecorner@gmail.com. Hirers should submit a proposal together (if applicable) with relevant images, a brief written description and details of how they will use the Gallery space. The Gallery reserves the right to accept or reject proposals, and can take no responsibility for lost material or proposals. On acceptance, a time frame for the exhibition will be agreed and detailed conditions finalized.

The Gallery takes no responsibility for loss or damage to artwork or personal belongings of exhibitors or visitors, or any tools or any materials in the Gallery.

The Gallery takes no responsibility for any aspect of the actual work displayed in the Gallery, including, but not limited to, aesthetic copyright, moral, legal or other aspects of the work on display.

The Hirer will sign a contract with the Gallery before the hire period commences. This contract will set out the dates of the hire period, the fee amount and any special arrangements agreed. This contract will also confirm that the Hirer has read and understood the terms and conditions, and agrees to abide by them.

All Hirers are entirely responsible for providing their own insurance. They are advised to consider all potential forms of loss, including public liability insurance. Hirers are responsible for the safety of themselves, any employees or subcontractors, colleagues, assistants and any visitors to the Gallery at all times during the hire period.

Gallery hire prices start from £180 per day, Monday to Friday, and £200 per day for Saturday and Sunday. There is a premium of £20 for one day only bookings, and a £25 booking fee to be paid with the first payment. Discounts are offered for hire periods of three days or more, as agreed by negotiation between the Hirer and the Gallery. All fees will be agreed prior to the signing of any agreement.

The Gallery reserves the right to amend or increase prices and rates at any time. New prices or rates will be posted online at the earliest opportunity, subject to technical considerations.

To secure the booking, a non refundable 50% rental deposit plus a £25 booking fee should be paid. The full balance will be due a minimum of 4 weeks before the booked hire period is to commence. If this second payment is not received the booking cannot be guaranteed, and the Gallery reserves the right to assume that the booking has been cancelled and to take appropriate action to obtain an alternative booking.

Cancellation: The Gallery management reserves the right to cancel an exhibition without notice. In the event of this happening, all monies paid will be fully refunded. Cancellation by the Hirer must be received in writing with at least 8 weeks notice. In this case we will refund the deposit, less the booking fee. If less than 8 weeks notice is given all payment made up to this point will be non-returnable. The Gallery will not be liable for other expenses incurred or consequential losses arising from cancellations.

When the Hirer arrives to take possession of the Gallery for the contracted period, a refundable cash deposit of £250.00 per week or part of a week will also be due to be paid. This will be returned in full or part after the closing inspection when the Hirer vacates the Gallery, depending on the condition of the Gallery and Gallery properties. Electricity consumed and refuse disposal (if applicable) will be deducted from this deposit at the end of the hire period.

The Gallery is not suitable for large scale performance art, and is not to be used for any activities involving animals, naked flames, projectiles or any other moving object with significant momentum. Floor loading is similar to those of a normal retail or domestic property, so notification in advance will be needed for any proposed heavy objects which it might not be possible to accommodate.

The Gallery does not take commission on any work sold by the Hirer. The Gallery does not take any specific responsibility for the promotion or sales of the work displayed, beyond a listing on the Gallery website. The Gallery does not at present offer a guest list service.

No modifications are to be made to the Gallery structure, finishes, lighting and glazing, without prior notification, and the express written agreement of the Gallery. This includes fixings and graphics, including window graphics.

The Gallery has no facilities for animals, and the multi-use nature of the space means that it is not a suitable or safe place for animals. Animals are not permitted in the Gallery, with the sole exception of guide dogs.

The Gallery will do its best to offer advice and practical help. The Gallery can provide advise on the supply of food, services and wine for parties, if given enough notice.

The Gallery has a hanging rail system installed. No holes are to be made in the walls, ceiling or floor, or adhesives or any other fixings used without express prior notification and written agreement. Any such agreement would have to include making good any damage within the hiring period. The Gallery will try to supply extra hanging cords if required, given one week prior notification, provided these are available from the suppliers; these will remain the property of the Gallery. Hirers are welcome to bring their own compatible hanging cords.

Should Hirers wish to modify the hanging cords or fittings, they will be required to purchase them from the Gallery. Please contact the Gallery for prices.

Hirers are responsible for ensuring the safety and integrity of any work whether hanging, or on podiums or displayed in any other way. Hirers are entirely responsible for ensuring that their work is safe for the viewers and public to interact with, and for providing adequate barriers if it is not.

In order to arrange for a listing on the Gallery website, any text and supporting j-peg images should be e-mailed to thegalleryonthecorner@gmail.com four weeks (or within reasonable time) prior to the Gallery use.

Hirers are highly recommended to produce their own publicity and to promote their event.

The Hirer must organize their own staff for exhibitions or events. The Gallery must be staffed if unlocked. Hirers must ensure that personnel are safe and supported, and be aware that when open, the Gallery is accessible by the public.

Hirers are responsible for the opening times of the gallery, which is up to their discretion between the hours of 8am and 9pm, or other times by prior agreement with the Gallery. The exception to this is the final day of their hire period. Private views can be held at any time during the hire period, subject to normal considerations due to the Gallery being located in a residential area, and generally aim to finish by 9pm, with the exception of the final day of the hire period.

The Hirer will vacate the Gallery by 7pm on the final day of the hire period, unless with prior notification, and the express written agreement of the Gallery. Late departures will be charged at the full day rate.

The Gallery must be left in a clean and tidy state. If any additional cleaning is required, this will be charged by the hour at £50 an hour.

Rubbish should be packaged for collection in the specific refuse bags supplied. These are collected by a contractor and are charged to the Hirer per bag. Please contact the Gallery for prices. Because of strict local waste disposal regulations, no rubbish or any other material is to be left outside the Gallery without express instructions from the Gallery. In the event of any materials being left outside, the Hirer will forfeit the whole of their deposit, and may be liable for additional fines.

General Safety: Exhibitors should make themselves familiar with fire exit routes, and the position and operation of safety equipment, and be able to make this known to Gallery users. No movable electrical equipment is supplied by the Gallery for the use of Hirers. Any electrical equipment brought in to the Gallery, or found within, is to be operated entirely at the discretion and risk of the Hirer. Adjustments to lighting should be carried out by properly qualified personnel, with correctly applied access equipment, taking full account of the working at height regulations. Any exhibits using electric power must comply with all electrical regulations and should be installed and regularly inspected by qualified personnel. Any ladders or other access equipment found within the Gallery is to be operated entirely at the discretion and risk of the Hirer. The Gallery is not to be used for any activities using naked flames, and no smoking is allowed within the Gallery.

Any damage to the Gallery during the occupation of the Gallery will need to be repaired and this work paid for by the Hirer. Failure to do so will result in the loss of part or all of the deposit. In the event of any additional cost being incurred by action of the Hirer during the hire period, it will be the responsibility of the Hirer to reimburse the Gallery.

January 2012
The Gallery on the Corner Ltd
273 Balham High Road
London SW17 7BD

I have paid the Security Deposit of £120

Signed_____________________________________. Date___/___/_____