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(The Journey)

We invite you to the launch of Archangel Creative, where amateur photographer Michael Mullings showcases a range of his recent work. Over the last two years, observant and eagle eyed, Michael Mullings has spent the time honing his passion, documenting his travels across Europe, USA, the Carribbean and Asia and interacting with people from all nations.

Eager to share as much as possible and impact the masses, Mullings will be sharing 3 unique collections using not just photography, but also video and traditional story telling. Also Mullings releases Children of India and the fundraising appeal to support.


(The Passion)

The Children of India is more than a photography project, but also an aim to raise £5,000 for an orphanage currently being built in Nashik, India. On his recent travels to India, Mullings met with a family friend who currently supports a widow with 4 children and 7 orphans in neighbouring Nepal. Touched by each individual’s child story of near death, survival and now his dear friends ambition to build a orphanage in India, Mullings has committed to help raise £5,000 by December 2015.


With the aim to return to India in January 2016 to bring the funds and make his first visit to the orphanage, the auction proceeds during the exhibition launch will be apart of the fundraise.

Set to be the launch of the summer, get your ticket today!

(The Launch)

Archangel Creative Launch:
  • 11am – 1pm  – Private Viewing Brunch with Q&A & Book reading
  • 1pm – 6pm – Public view
  • 6pm – 8pm –  Charity Auction & Canapes



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