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Photography exhibition: Home from Home at The Gallery on the Corner

Over the past year and half London photographer and Yves Saint Laurent stock controller Ian Kiffin has been shooting a series of 21 portraits of his colleagues at YSL, who originate from all over the world and are now based in the capital. Countries include China, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, USA, Estonia and Germany to name a few.

Home from Home is a personal, collaborative project that celebrates the cultural diversity of London and the individuality of its residents. Ian Kiffin shot one roll of 35mm colour Fuji film of each subject in a setting they had chosen as the place that most reminds them of home. Hackney Marshes, Hyde Park, Peckham and Notting Hill are some of the chosen locations. He then asked them the same five questions: What brought you to this country? What keeps you here? Why did you choose this location to shoot? If you could have one thing from home, what would it be? Can you see yourself going back?

“With each image I intend to show the answers to these questions, giving the viewer a greater insight into the subject, their chosen place to shoot and the connection with home,” Ian Kiffin says. “The culture we belong to and country we are from define and shape us as people. The surroundings and loved ones left behind leave an indelible mark on our subconscious. The aim of my project is to tap into these areas of interest and create a visual representation I hope people find intriguing.”

Ian Kiffin studied at London College of Fashion. His photographic work includes 35mm film and digital projects, from fashion photography to corporate headshots. Commercial clients include Yves Saint Laurent, Action for Children, Sennheiser and Airbnb.




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