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Redressing the Balance



Curated by Hilary Masin and Chenglu Bao.

The Gallery on the Corner
115 Battersea Park Road
8th May – 9th May 2013

Private viewing:
Tuesday 7th May, 7pm to 10pm.
Featuring a live theatre and dance performance at 8pm by Circus Space rising artists Eva-Elena Casotto and Maria Mayor Garcia.

We are pleased to present an exhibition of recent and new work by artists Hyemin Kang, Hanqiu Xiao , Virginia Mori and Valentina de Zanche.Redressing Balance confronts issues of exclusion, self-retrieval and repossession in characters, paintings, collages and sculptural works.

Redressing Balance is a thought provoking new take on the traditional gendered balance in art. By concentrating on the work of forthcoming, globally arising, exclusively female artists, this exhibition aims to highlight their undeniable rising strength and significance in the art world, and to create renewed and reassessed perspectives on art from women’s standpoints.

Women have always been objects of observation, worship, wonder and fascination, but nonetheless chiefly the objects of art. In the face of an insistently patriarchal society, in which female representation overpowers female authorship, Redressing Balance is an emphasis on how important it is for women to represent themselves and grasp hold of their own inner nature and self-perception. This becomes even more relevant in regards to the way women are visually depicted by the media, and how this influences culture and society in different Countries.


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